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Texas 2015

Rob and the girls

Amy & Ruby



Steve and Pop

Artwork from Ruby!

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Christmas 2015
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Dragon*Con 2015

Sci-fi/Fantasy convention

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Sturgis Vacation/Commencement 2015
Took a trip up to Sturgis S.D. for the Motorcycle Rally, to be witnesses at our friends wedding, and to go to Scott's Doctoral Commencement in Minneapolis.

The Giant Jacuzzi Room!


Stepford Corn!

Having a silly Olde Tyme!

Met up with Mark & Cindy Price for a nice visit

Corn Palace

It changes every year!!!

Wall, SD

The only Jackelope she'd consider!

Even the little town of Wall was packed!

Mount Rushmore
Crazy Horse
Devil's Tower
Cool Bikes
Around Sturgis

Dang Mirror is in the way!

Limited edition of 6 so bad

they got a Waiver from the EPA

to not have to list its gas milage!

Positive his eyes were gonna pop right out!

New DragonCon Costume?

Gotta love the view

Cheryl thought this would make an

amusing replacement for my corvette!

Funky carved Tree in Sturgis

This is just 1 dealership's event!

LOTS of bikes!

Daniel & Jean's Wedding
Cool WoodWorking
Doctoral Commencement

Neat statue at the host hotel

Mall of America

Once again, where does Cheryl Like to eat?

Giant Lego Store & Exhibit at Mall of America

So we are standing in Cinnabon considering the choices.

I told Scott we couldn't get the six pack

because we would both be in sugar coma by morning.

He pops off straight faced with "we'll take the "leftovers" with us".

We both busted or in hysterical laughter!

Yeah. ... we got the 4 pack. ... I'm sure we won't eat them all tonight .


Metropolis, IL


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4th of July 2015
Friends and Family
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The Acropolis in Nashville, TN
Neat place to visit
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New Truck
Yes, I had to say goodbye to my corvette, and Hello to our new truck
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Las Vegas Vacation 2015
Quick 4 day trip out to Vegas

Solid Chocolate!

Where does Cheryl like to eat?

The Bathroom was Tiny!

Misty & Cheryl

Hello Mr. Octopus

Just Checking out the sites in Vegas!!

Christy Loves Shoes!!!

Zombie Burlesque was hilarious!!

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