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Dragon*Con 2014

Sci-fi/Fantasy convention

Christmas 2014

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Halloween & Thanksgiving 2014


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Trip to California 2014

Mike and Granny

Granny and I

<--Tom & Granny

Laz Morones and his daughter Breeze

Scott & Laz

California Brown Pelican

Jim Watson & I in Santa Barbara

I'm not sure what got us going on the

Cal Worthington impersonations!

Ben Martins Standing on his Head!

Wendy Stanley Ackhardt

Bansidhe & Mike Bruce

Bansidhe and her husband Erik Fick

Wendy's daughter Natalie

and friend

Lidia Finocchiaro

Ben Wendy & Mike

Mike & Ivee Bruce

Mike & Ivee's son Alex

Bansidhe & Erik's Daughter Pheonix

Bansidhe & Erik's Daughter Seraphim

I love it when you get that quick peak

 at the little demon sneaking around

inside the really cute ones!

Bansidhe & Erik's son Gryphon

Ok, so I went back by the land we used o own back in the 80's, where I grew up.  I took some pictures so I could explain what's changed to my family.
So the image on the left is from Google Maps.

As you can see, there are now 3 housing sites

on the property.  The one in the center

is where our home used to be.

This is a view from down

at the base of the dirt road.

These are views from the approach up the road.
On the left is a view of the home at the

bottom of the hill and the home

in the center of the hill.

On the right is another Google map zoomed in on

the old home site.

As you can see, the old mobile is gone.

Along with all the trees, flowerbeds, gardens,

orchards, irrigation...all of it.

However the old barn building was converted

into a proper garage finally and added to the new


The two big oaks remain in place

On the left is the home at the top of the property.

The family living at the home site was very gracious

in letting me drop in and take some photos.


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Mom's Funeral 2014
It happened very suddenly.  Ma was fine Thursday evening and by Friday afternoon was in the ICU.  Sepsis shut her organs down and she was gone.  Despite a 40 year career as a healer, the symptoms looked too much like the side effects of the Chemo. She never regained consciousness, and went to the Lord quietly 9:07 AM Sunday May 25, 2014.  The funeral Mass was held  Thursday the 29th of May at St. Paul's Catholic Church in Austin TX.  Ma had made so many friends in her life as a healer that in all, over 2 dozen masses were said around the world in her memory.  The funeral was attended by family, life long friends and new friends from the parish at St, Paul's.  The Link above goes to the web page dedicated to Lea.

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Will's Graduation 2014
I know I've got some more photo's...I just need to find them!
So Proud of William! 

He graduated from

Auburn University

with a Bachelors of Science

in Civil Engineering

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Some Other 2014 Events
The Epic Emu Battle of 2014...So Cheryl, Carol and Vanissa see an Emu wandering along the they follow it for a bit, ask some of the other farmers along the way if they know whose it is...Nobody claims it, so they decide to bag it....So as Cheryl approaches the Emu saying to herself, "I'm not gonna jump on that Emu.  I'm not gonna jump on that Emu.  I'm not gonna jump on that Emu!"  Then slicker than grease thru a goose, she's jumped on that Emu.  She wraps it up and everything is Carol and Vanissa wander off to find carols glasses which have become dislodged....And that Emu decided that the cuteness factor was over for the day and proceeded to open up an gallon sized can of Whoop Ass on Cheryl!  Cheryl is not of the opinion that someone Else can grab the next wandering Emu!
So I decided I really needed to

ensure Cheryl got exactly what she likes

 for Valentines this year!!!

So after Mom's fight with Breast Cancer,

she finds out it's gotten into her lymph nodes as well.

So I joined in solidarity w/ Ma for the

St Baldricks Fundraiser, and commensurate

head shaving!

So Cheryl thought it would

be cute to Just leave me t

his way!!!

She really is a great sport

at helping me with this!!


Dude, there's a freak in the Mirror

So, as we now have all grown kids

we decided it was time for an

Adult Easter Egg hunt!

In addition to normal colored eggs

Plastic eggs w/ our favorite spirits

inside augment the fun!!

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Roller Derby 2014
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Genna's 22nd Birthday 2014
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Bubbles 2014
These are a pair of baby goats Cheryl Raised in the bathtub for a few weeks till it warmed up a bit
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Winter 2014
Yup, Still had to go to

work that morning!

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