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Christmas 2009

Christopher Finney

Drummond Family

Marcello Doko

William, Teresa & David Noble


Dragon*Con 2009

Sci-fi/Fantasy convention


4th of July 2009

BBQ on the farm

Mmm Roast Goat!

Cheryl's Garden

Milking Stand




Other 2009

Men with Hats


Images from the Mancave
Gamers Displaced


Kids LARPing in January

I call this meeting of the morons

club to order!

Crud! we accidentally burned Austin on the fire!

It's funny cuz it happened to someone else!

Shhhtan....The ever observant rogue

We call this sacred council

in front of this sacred fire

to honor our heritage and

defend our right for men to do

stupid things whenever they please!


Now we don't truck with that

sorta behavior around here son!

Yes I see what you mean,

I really do like the big one!

AAAgh!  I am the master of the Dinner Table!

Oh shuck this is gonna hurt!

You were wondering about the smoking jacket?

Now you know!


Trip to the Jack Daniels Distillery in February of 2009



ConNooga 2009

Sci-fi convention in Chattanooga

I am Captain Kogar!

Live long and Conquer!

Awesome Photos by Bob Edens

Photo by Bob Edens

Larry Elmore

Chase Mastersson is a really

Classy Lady

Yeach!  Vulcan Music!


Maltz!  Cho' eh Chu'!




Grant Cotting

Memorial Page for Private Grant Cotting, US Army



Vow Renewels

Jeff and Jennifer Williams


Granny Margaret Stahl

July 14, 1913 - January 5, 2009

Margaret, our Family Matriarch, passed away quietly in her sleep

The service was exactly as she requested, and was a celebration of the family she built

and the lessons she taught us.



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